The Cincinnati Bengals are members of the AFC North Division. The team’s home field is Paul Brown Stadium located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Founded in 1966, the Bengals were initially members of the AFL prior to that league’s merger with the NFL. The team’s name came about via the former owner of the Cleveland Browns, Paul Brown. Brown named the team after one that had existed during the late 1930s to early 1940s. The Bengals’ first few seasons began with victories making demand for Cincinnati Bengals tickets sky high. Their first major success came in 1970 at their new Riverfront Stadium. The Bengals shared the stadium with the Cincinnati Reds until the Bengals moved to their current home in 2000. In 2002 the Bengals moved to the AFC North which contributed to escalating their rivalry with intrastate, and now division, rivals the Cleveland Browns. The Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens supplement the Bengals’ enduring division rivals. Holders of multiple conference and division championship wins, as well as having made numerous playoff appearances, the Bengals have yet to clinch that desirable Super Bowl title.