The Cleveland Browns are members of the AFC North Division. The team’s home field is Cleveland Browns Stadium located in Cleveland, Ohio. Established in 1946 the Browns were initially members of the AAFC before joining the NFL when the league folded in 1950. The Browns were not only a powerhouse in the AAFC, but the franchise amazed when they took to the field and tore down the Philadelphia Eagles defense for a 35-10 win in their first NFL game. Fan adoration of the team soared higher than before and Cleveland Browns tickets were a hot item.

The late 1990s brought the Browns’ momentum to a standstill when the NFL declared that the team would be deactivated temporarily while a new team and stadium was being built. In 1999 the Browns rejoined the NFL with high expectations, but struggled to regain their previous glory. In 2002 the team relocated to the AFC North, putting them in direct competition with new division rivals the Cincinnati Bengals, Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens. The Browns have earned many division championship wins and made several playoff appearances, though they have yet to clinch that enviable Super Bowl title.