The Dallas Cowboys, founded in 1960, joined the NFL as an expansion team. At all times based out of the Dallas area, the team is known as one of the most thriving and lucrative sports franchises. Members of the NFC East, the Cowboys are hometown idols; winning fans over through unwavering and unrelenting play. The Cowboys have had a successful football livelihood, holding a slew of titles, playoff appearances and Super Bowl championship triumphs under their proverbial helmets. The team is home to a number of Pro Football Hall of Famers including Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman and Bob Lilly, as well as many Super Bowl MVPs. The Dallas Cowboys have a natural nemesis in the state’s other professional football team the Houston Texans in addition to divisional teams New York Giants and Washington Redskins. The latter match-up is thought of as one of the most intense in the United States.

Whether the game is on home turf or away, the Dallas Cowboys draw crowds of fans that love the team’s intense level of play! Fans declare that the Cowboys are a great football experience for the whole family! Make sure that you are close to the action at Cowboys Stadium to cheer your favorite players on when you purchase your Dallas Cowboys tickets now!