The Los Angeles Rams (formerly St. Louis Rams) are members of the NFC West. Established in 1936 as the Cleveland Rams, the Rams current home field is Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. In 1937 the Rams moved from the AFL to the NFL, a shift that hinted at their nomadic lifestyle to come. The early years in Cleveland were branded by loss as the team moved between three different stadiums. Then in 1946, after a victorious season and a NFL Championship to their name, the Cleveland Rams headed west to Los Angeles.

Starting in 1946 the former Cleveland-based team morphed into the Los Angeles Rams. From 1949 to 1955 the Rams developed one of the finest offenses in the NFL at the time, leading them to be the earliest professional football team to have all their games televised in 1950. While the team experienced stability for a few decades in Los Angeles, nonetheless they moved over to Anaheim, California, in the late 1970s. The team stayed on the West Coast until the mid-1990s when they were relocated to Missouri and were renamed the St. Louis Rams.

The team moved to St. Louis in 1995. Over the next two seasons the Rams gained momentum in their new locale, in large part thanks to Isaac Bruce, a prolific wide receiver. The Rams picked up other key players such as Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk, leading to an electrifying, record-setting offense. The Rams offense from 1999-2001 has been deemed “The Greatest Show on Turf.”

Through 1999, the franchise was well known for their powerful offense. The Rams took their formidable presence all the way to Super Bowl XXXIV where they defeated the AFC’s Tennessee Titans. Just two seasons later the St. Louis Rams took a trip to the Super Bowl again only to lose to the New England Patriots. In 2006, the Rams had an 8-8 record and went on to struggle for several seasons. In this time the team faced tremendous losses, but by 2012 the team produced a 7-8-1 season under a new head coach, Jeff Fisher. Shoring up against division rivals Seattle Seahawks, Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers, the Rams continue their return to glory as they push ahead towards their next championship triumph.

Noteworthy prior Rams team members include Elroy Hirsch, Marshall Faulk, Jack Youngblood and Bob Waterfield.

In 2016 the team moved from St. Louis back to their former Los Angeles home. The Rams are currently sharing the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, an outdoor sports arena, with the USC Trojans football team until their new stadium is ready. Purchase your Rams tickets now to cheer on your favorite Los Angeles team!