The New York Jets are currently part of the AFC East. Founded in 1959, the team’s initial name, Titans of New York, stayed until an ownership change four years in that brought about the Jets moniker. In the early years the team held a position of prominence thanks to the legendary quarterback Joe Namath. At the time New York Jets tickets were an essential accessory due to elevated demand. The team’s success saw them land the Super Bowl III title at the end of the 1968 season. In 1969, the team lost several of its Super Bowl veterans. When the Jets merged to the NFL in 1970, the team played in the first ever Monday Night Football game.

In 1981 the Jets began the slow ascent back up the ladder of success. Though the team made several playoff showing during the 80s they didn’t take a division title until 1998. 1985 saw the team accrue a record of 11-5, which led the Jets to host as well as play in their first playoff in four years. Unfortunately they were beaten by their New England Patriots rivals in the first round. Often history would repeat itself and the New York Jets would continue to nearly make it in many of their seasons.In the late 90’s, the Jets would again achieve some success, but would not make it through the playoffs to a Super Bowl game. The Jets made six playoff appearances in the 2000s. Triumphs and failures aside, the team kept up their division rivalries with the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins, as well as maintained their historical contention with the West Coast’s Oakland Raiders. Notable previous Jets team members include Joe Namath, Don Maynard, Curtis Martin, Ronnie Lott and Al Toon.

Presently the Jets play at MetLife Stadium, a venue that they share with cross-town foes the New York Giants. MetLife is the only stadium that is currently home to two NFL teams. In 2014, MetLife played host to Super Bowl XLVIII, becoming the only open-air stadium to ever host a Super Bowl. The venue has the largest seating capacity of any NFL stadium. Become a part of one of the biggest football crowds on Earth and buy your New York Jets tickets now!